Yes, I'm excited! My favorite Main Line pizza place is SNAP in the Ardmore Train Station and now they've opened a Rosemont location that I can walk to from my house (it's next to Rosemont Square complex and, YES, Hope's Cookies attached to SNAP didn't go away!).

Why do I like SNAP? Well, you order personal size pizza (about 10") for a flat cost and you can add AS MANY TOPPINGS as you like. And they have excellent salads that you can customize as well. My kids love it, I love it = win-win.

The pizza is a thin crust and I ask them to make it crispy and they cook it perfectly. The staff is very friendly and they usually great each customer as you enter.

The owners of SNAP also owned the previous pizza place at this location, Peace of Pizza, which lasted 18 years. SNAP now has five locations.