While there are plenty of plug-in devices you can buy and use, then take with you when you move, you might want to consider installing permanent smart home technology. Buyers are looking for it more and more, and in a recent survey, 81 percent are more likely to buy a home if smart technology is already installed. This will help you when you’re ready to sell your Main Line home.

What kind of tech should you consider? Take a look at a few options that will make your life easier now and help you sell your home later.

Smart Thermostats

Image via Creative Commons

Smart thermostats take your programmable thermostat to a new level. They work on an internet connection so you can check the temperature, change settings, and control your HVAC system from a web browser. Many now offer mobile apps for your phone. You can buy one off the shelf like the Nest Thermostat from Google or talk to your HVAC service company. Many manufacturers now offer compatible smart thermostats.

Smart Security Systems

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What makes a system smart is how well it integrates with your home and how much control you have away from home. When you’re comparing security system companies make sure you can check on your home when you’re out of town or at work and change settings remotely. You also want to be notified immediately when there’s a problem - and not just from a phone call you might not answer. A mobile app is a must. If you don’t want the monthly payment of a full system, you can DIY it with systems like the iSmartAlarm.

Smart Smoke Alarms

Image via Google

How many times have you burned bacon or toast and had the smoke alarm go off? Too many times, right? With smart smoke alarms like the Nest Protect, you have more control to turn it off from your phone instead of yanking it open, finding the button, getting frustrated, and yanking out a battery. More importantly, though, when there’s a legitimate emergency, pathway lights will turn on, helping you and your family find your way out of a home that could be rapidly filling with smoke. It lasts longer than a traditional smoke alarm and it self-tests automatically. 

Should you invest in smart refrigerators, light bulbs, home assistants, and anything else to make your Main Line home smarter? Only if you want that kind of control and technology in your home. To add value to your home for future buyers, start with the products that lower energy costs, keep people safe, and are easy to use.